Michaelangelo Signorile on Effective Activism to counter LGBTQ backlash

Pink Panthers should definitely read Huffington Post’s interview with LGBTQ activist and voice for our community, Michaelangelo Signorile,  and to remain as a reference for effective activism to counter the coming backlash or assault against observance of our rights. “‘Reagan stacked religious and conservative leaders through the agencies of the federal government,’ Signorile explained. ‘Whether … Continue reading

Let me introduce myself – Timothy Van Beauchamp, Pink Panthers Activist

I’m one of the author’s at Pink Panther’s Blog.  I’ve written at John Aravosis site, Americablog.com, and I’m glad to participate in using PinkPanthersBlog.com to advocate for non-violent civil disobedience and resisting any oppression by the freshly empowered conservative religious right wing by the Trump Administration. “Submarines, G-d and ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’”  is a … Continue reading

The Resistance

The Resistance Obstruction, sabotage, propaganda won Observance of civil rights is done Years and years of stubborn betrayal Followed by a conservative portrayal Apathy and ignorance no longer dishonors but worn proudly as badges of honor America holds the wrong values proud might makes right so suffer aloud! No Obamacare will bind your wounds Gnash … Continue reading