The Resistance

The Resistance

Obstruction, sabotage, propaganda won
Observance of civil rights is done
Years and years of stubborn betrayal
Followed by a conservative portrayal
Apathy and ignorance no longer dishonors
but worn proudly as badges of honor
America holds the wrong values proud
might makes right so suffer aloud!
No Obamacare will bind your wounds
Gnash your teeth and howl at the moon
There is repeal but no replacement
There is no empathy but debasement
There is a new name for Nazis and KKK
No move to make Alt-Right go away
If you try you’ll be called a cuck
You’re dead if you think they give a fuck
Down is up and up is down
The “right” defines the future now
Hypocrisy has been normalized
Irony has metastasized
Conservatives rejected Garland for SCOTUS
Embraced a new “Show Us Your Tits” FLOTUS
Chiding Michelle for showing her arms
Demand a Scalia with extremist charms
How will we meet this new battle born
Those progressives derided and scorned
Must organize, resist and march
Like Jesus Christ, MLK Jr. and Ghandi charged
Roman oppression, race or taxes on salt
Conservatives crack the San Andreas fault
Add homophobia and misogyny
To the old rejection of observance of rights
Our struggle is really the age old fight
The march to prove that rights exist
Observance of them can’t be dismissed
One’s opinion ends at the end of one’s nose
Respect us like they do embryos
We can no longer afford to cease and desist
We must fight and resist, RESIST!


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